Market Comments (DJI / HSI / STI) For Week of 8 Apr 2013

DJI 5 Apr 13

HSI 5 Apr 13

STI 5 Apr 13

DJI – The Dow Jones was accurated rejected by resistance level 14,680 last Wed. Its immediately support is at 14,450 – 14,500 zone. Currently, the index is trap within a tight traingle of 14,680 and the upper ceiling of the trend channel. Once the index break this triangle, we will see a clearer direction. At the moment, indicators points towards reversal. Both CCI and MACD are turning down. If the index indeed break down of the triangle, we are looking at next support between the region of 14,120 to 14,230.

HSI – The Hang Seng Index was being rejected nicely by the support-turned-resistance levels of 22,521 and 22,185. The index is in a short to medium term downtrend. If you plot in the moving average, it is below 100 days moving averages but supported my the 200 days moving averages. The down momentum is likely to continue and we are looking at next support zone at around 21,080 to 21,280.

STI – The Straits Times Index has hit its sideway resistance and is turning down. It has completed an evening doji star pattern and will be continue to be trapped in the rectangle (sideway). CCI is turning down again and MACD bearish divergence. STI will remain rather unexciting in the coming week.

2 thoughts on “Market Comments (DJI / HSI / STI) For Week of 8 Apr 2013

  1. Market seemed to be up towards the weekend. VIX all time low, below average PE ratios in most markets, good news in most sectors, why still cannot break resistance?

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