Market Comments (STI) for the week of 17 Aug 15

Look at how beautiful the true supports are. The STI had shown reaction near 3,160 and 3,060 respectively. No confirmation of a reversal until a higher low has been form. The supports were forecasted in my blog 2 weeks ago. =) Cheers !

Market Comments (STI) for Year Ending 2013

STI daily 31 Dec 13

To make the story complete, I need to revisit my comments on 12 Dec 13. Below is a summary of what happened to STI :

The analysis was accurate that STI rebounded from 12 Dec 13 onwards. I have illustrated what is true support and indicators are lagging. Though the window dressing finally came after 12 Dec 13 with much excitement, the immediate resistance of 3,200 was not broken by 31 Dec 13.