City Development 22 Mar 13

CDL 22 Mar 13

If you take a look at CDL, you will know that it is of utmost importance as a trader / investor to lock in profit at the correct timing. This applies to traders of all time frames and even for long term investors. Those people who had bought into CDL in Nov 12 will have very good returns by end Dec 12. If they did not exit by the first week of Jan 13 and is still holding till now, then they are definately making a paperloss. This will further affect their trading psychology and if the counter continue to drop, say a few dollars, the persons holding the shares will sell it off in panic to confirm the loss. This kind of win-did not exit-lose then exit cycles happen everyday in the markets. Sad but true, we need these people to provide for liquidity and of course, provide profit for those 10% of the traders out there.

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