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On 3 Feb 2014, an economic analyst wrote an article in Forbes saying that “Singapore’s Bear Market May Have Just Begun”.
I looked at my chart and challenged his views technically. True enough, the market rebounded and turned out as what I have expected.

Just some sharing of my thoughts with you guys.

Cheers and have a good weekend ahead.

Market Comments (STI) for week of 17 Mar 14


STI Daily 14 Mar 14

In my earlier posting on 9 Mar 14, I had mentioned that a false breakout was likely to happen and we needed to observe for 1 to 2 more trading days to confirm this. Indeed, the candlestick appearance didn’t look good on 10 & 11 Mar 14 (after my posting) and the Index fell strongly to close at 3,097 on 12 Mar 13. The drop continued and as at 14 Mar 13, the STI has reached the immediate support of 3,065 (Low of 3,060 and Close of 3,073) on 14 Mar 14. I have asked traders to take profit as early as 28 Feb 14 and reminded again on 9 Mar 14.

With the accurate forecast, I hope you have exited with some profit.

For the coming week, I would expect STI to be weak and consolidate between 3,065 to 3,120. For indicators, they have confirmed a retracement with MACD crossing signal, RSI failure break and volume dropping. If the current support at 3,065 failed, the next support is at 3,030.

photo credit: Baron Visuals via photopin cc

Market Comments (STI) for week of 10 Mar 2014

STI Daily 7 Mar 14

STI has broken its resistance of 3,120 on 6 & 7 Mar 2014. The resistance (3,120) has been well held for the last 11 trading days starting 19 Feb 2014.

Currently, both the RSI and volume is high, but experience losing of strength. MACD is positive but upside strength weakened. The trend is bullish, but considering all factors, it is not a strong entry as compared to the one on 11 Feb 2014, which I have mentioned in my 7 Feb 2014’s posting.

The Index has been on the up trend for the last 22 trading days. I will observe for 1 to 2 more trading days to ensure no false breakout. Traders may wish to enter/ re-enter the trade upon a pullback. As conservative traders, it will be good to take partial profit still, if you have not done so. The immediate support is at 3,065. The next target will be forecast when it is confirmed not a false breakout.