Market Comments (STI) for the Week of 3 Aug 15

STI has broken the strong support with a big gap down and high volume, closing at 3,202 on Friday 31 July 15. The sell down was really fast and furious although on that day, Hang Seng and Shen Zhen composite Index were fairly stable. It was revealed that the hugh sell down was led by Noble, which was given a warning by SGX. Looking at the volume and magnitude of the sell down, I would expect the down trend to continue for quite a while more and in view of the coming National Day week, it will be worsen when approaching the public holidays.

The next 2 support zones are in the regions of 3,160 – 3,130 and 3,060 – 3,030. We shall see how STI reacts near these regions before making any trading decisions. If you have taken profit / cut losses, do stay in the side line.

Market Comments (STI) – 30 July 15

STI has been suffering from macro economics factors. It has been in RED for the past straight 7 trading days. There is a strong support is at 3,230. I would expect there will be some reaction around that region and we shall see if the Index gets supported or the free fall continues. At the moment, the Index is having a down trend.

Market Comments (STI) for 7 Feb 2014


STI Daily 6 Feb 14

STI has broken its 1st support on 4 Feb 14 with a low of 2,953. As the index did not continue to head towards its 2nd support of 2,900 – 2,920 for the time being, we can assume that the Index is taking a rest. Currently, we can see that it is trying its best to go above 2,990 (support turn resistance). Once 2,990 is broken and the Index stays above it for a few trading days, we can say that the Index is supported. It will be good if this coincides with MACD reaching its bottom or crossing its signal line. Once this is established and if possible, wait for a retracement back near to the support of 2,990, Traders may go in for bottom fishing with a tight stop loss.

However, if 2,990 is not broken or the Index does not hold above for a reasonable period of trading days, then we can expect market consolidation to continue with no direction. The index will hover between 2,920 to 2,990.

photo credit: citron_smurf via photopin cc

Market Comments (DJI / HSI / STI) For Week of 25 Mar 13

DJ 22 Mar 13

HSI 22 Mar 13

STI 22 Mar 13

Dow Jones has met with bulls and bears fighting with indecision for the past one week. Resistance level of 14,450 – 14,500 still holds and it has demostrated how nicely the candles stick to the levels verifying the resistance zone which was first predicted on 8 Mar 13 in my earlier postings. The CCI is coming down and MACD has crossed finally (lagging). In view of the tough fight between the bulls and bears, we need to wait for candles that shows distinctly whether it breaks out of resistance zone or retrace below it.

Hang Seng was performing badly. As forcasted last week, it has broken down its previous support and is currently at its next support of 22,185. These two supports were pinpointed accurately. I foresee further downside for HSI in the coming week.

STI is still consolidating sideways and has been so for the past few weeks. It is bounded by resistance of 3,320 and support of 3,230. Bearish divergance still maintained and its direction will only be known when it either breaks the resistance of 3,320 or support of 3,230.

Olam and Kepland

Kepland exhibited a marvelous rebound, upon hitting support of 3.27. It is now at its resistance of 3.85. Cautious traders can take some profit or tighten their stop while waiting to see how the counter is going to react. The candle of 12 Dec 12 looks strong and steady. It is likely that price will break that resistance before have a pull back.

On the extreme, Olam seems to stablised at its current price after so much talks in the media. Nontheless, there is a stronger support at 1.35.